Customized ACT/SAT preparation program offered by two of Chicagoland’s leaders in college preparation and planning. We also offer preparation on AP exams as well as the PSAT.

  • CPC Prep, under parent company College Planning Corp., is offering various ACT and SAT prep classes, GPA coaching, and much more! 
  •     Class size ranges from small to large, use the Real ACT, SAT, AP, PSAT, SSAT, and TOEFL preparation guides, covering both conceptual review of content and test-taking strategies. Note: There is an option for 1-1 instruction
  •    Expert instruction by experienced tutors who scored 99th percentile on the ACT/SAT and have attended highly selective university programs.
  •  Test-taking strategy secrets, homework assignments between sessions, and flexible choices of session times, dates, and lengths.
  •       CPC Prep. has a decade of experience helping prepare students for college admissions tests and applications.




ACT 36 - ACT/SAT/AP/PSAT Prep. & Personalized Tutoring

Resources Utilized

We utilize various preparation materials during sessions. We use comprehensive ACT/SAT study materials including lesson books, practiced tests, and online resources that are individually tailored to each student.

The Brains

Instructors (the experts) have 99th percentile test scores, at least three years of experience, and have generally attended highly selective undergraduate and graduate programs.

Get the Confidence

With individualized feedback, the student progression is tracked, for the areas of strengths and weaknesses. Student will go into the exam feeling very prepared, relaxed, and confident.



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