CPC Prep’s Higher Score Guarantee

At College Planning Corp., we are confident in every student’s potential to succeed. If your score doesn’t improve by the time of the official test, we, you can choose to continue your test preparation at discounted rates - or get back 50% of your money that you’ve paid so far.

How does the guarantee work? 

When you first enroll as a CPC student, you may establish a baseline score by either taking a diagnostic test within the first couple sessions or providing a previous official test score from the test administrator.


You take the test after completing all the requirements for your specific program.*


Within 30 days of your CPC Prep expiration date, you email us at collegepco@gmail.com with the following:


Your official test score (a screenshot is fine)


Your choice between the two options listed below

If you scored lower than your baseline score... 

If you meet our requirements,* take the official test, and your score on test day doesn’t improve, you have two possible options:


Discounted re-enrollment to CPC tutoring services: If you contact us within 30 days of your CPC Prep expiration date, we can re-enroll you into our tutoring services for an additional 8 weeks at a discounted rate. Or, you may request money back: We will reimburse you for 50% of your total money spent on CPC services.


If you chose the discount re-enrollment and need more time after that, you can extend your access by purchasing more sessions.  However, please note that tutoring hour charges will go back to regular rates after the 8-week discount period.


Please note that if you choose the re-enrollment option, you are no longer eligible to receive your money back.


*In order to be eligible for the high score guarantee, you must have taken tutoring sessions with CPC Prep for a minimum of three months and 24 hours of total tutoring spent over those three months.


**Please note that the High Score Guarantee only applies to ACT/SAT tutoring fees only. Consultations, financial aid help, and other services that we provide do not count as part of this policy.

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